Motion blur

I usually use Lightroom to process my images…and tend to go for a more natural look than these images, but have recently had a play with Photoshop Elements – and the filter and colour editing processes they offer.

The use of Motion blur can give a wonderful abstract quality ..go to ‘filter’ >>>’Blur >>>>then ‘Motion Blur” These are set at 99%


4 Responses to “Motion blur”

  1. Lovely effect. I admire your photography anyway, but learning to loosen up and try new techniques seems truly creative.

  2. Jennifer W Says:

    Lovely work Caroline. I was reading your bio on Redbubble. You have some beautiful and very creative ideas and it shows in your work. I will give the motion blur a go in PS… Ive tried this in camera with some nice results. Also love doing this at night in a car etc..
    Anyhow – loved stumbling across your work… I live in St. Kilda East – if you are ever looking for an assistant for Sunday Weddings etc email me.. Its a wonderful passionate hobby – but Im always wanting to learn more.


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